May 20, 2016

Scarf on 8 Shaft Loom

It's been my dream for a while, and finally came true. I got my 8 shaft loom, not as I have imagined, to be table loom, but on a second thought, that's all I need for now to create some interesting patterns for my projects.
For big projects, majority of work would be done anyway on 4 shafter floor loom.
So last week, I finished scarf for my friend, experimenting with a color combinations and threads.

January 18, 2016

Recent hadcrafted projects

I was quite lazy these past few months. I guess it' the cold weather..
There were few projects I did, but didn't put them on the blog. One is new handwoven cotton top and the other is big woven wool shawl. First is more summery craft and the second for winter colds. Oh yes, I also forgot the skirt I made for my daughter's birthday.
In December, I also attended Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild
Holiday meeting, and really enjoyed being part of the great community of weavers and spinners of this city!  Looking forward to meet all of the amazing ladies again!
The Guild is holding Weaving Course this winter and fall in Langara Collage! Great way to learn to weave from the experts!

The Guild is holding Weaving Course this winter and fall.
Cotton top

Handwoven from all cotton threads. Made from one piece, cut out at the top

I was concern to use this thick pink wool in weaving but skipping every other harnesses created very soft scarf with loads of character. Cheerful color combination and use of special threads with little " pom-pom"extensions added nice touch and gave personality to the scarf - same as my daughter is: vivid and feminine, as it was made for her.
It should probably be longer, as it is quite wide. It is the best in combination with some brown coat.
It is quite warm, more for Russian winter then for Vancouver..but it can be worn as a poncho.



I was inspired for a long time with this colorful fabric and wanted to make something interesting and unique. I had no patterns but some eight piece strech skirt as a control for a size and part fitting. This skirt is made from seven main pieces and top parts with attached belt. I have used three different fabrics: colorful cotton, denim and dark green corduroy (seen at the top and used for the back parts).
She really liked the skirt along with all of her friends.

December 21, 2015

Handmade Graduation Dress

So proud to see my daughter graduating this year and wearing my dress!

Good luck Class of 2016!
(and one intruder ...from the class of 2019)

To make it more festive, I embroidered small flowers on light fabric, cut them out and attached them to the front bottom.

April 26, 2015

Waimea bag - Lether bag made from skirt - converts to backpack

It's converted from used leather withe skirt with all other pieces also reused.
Waimea name, as Waimea beach, on Hawaii was my inspiration and orchids and nature of Hawaii.

front side
back side 
backpack transformation

magnet inside to close

when handles are attached to the bottom hinge, bag transforms to city backpack

How it started:

March 04, 2015

Handwoven Coat

It's been a month almost, since my last post, but I've been really busy with creation of my biggest project, so far.  Creating coat, from selecting of threads, weaving it, until the final design, draping, sewing and fitting it, without any previous training in any of this, was enormously hard and challenging task. After almost three months of work, including hours of digging trough library books and internet, I finally designed and fit one large piece of woven fabric into the wool coat. Here is my result:


The process
from weaving to the final cut and sewing
The most complicated part was fitting and using the fabric that I made to design shape of the coat that will use 5 m of fabric and not a centimeter more. It was actually 4.5 m at the end since I previously made a shirt for my daughter from it. 
Library really helped in discovering designing your own pattern. 
Cutting hand woven fabric and then sewing it, without any ripping and losing of threads was also a tricky job. 

December 27, 2014

Hand woven coasters

From the recently finished hand woven fabric, I made these little coasters for my friends.
A little loop at the each coaster is for hanging and easy storage.

They all are differently designed, since I cut them out from one large piece that had variety of patterns used during process of weaving.

I got across the few problems to shape them into circles:
to maintain perfect circle,
to retain them flat, after machine zig-zag finishing edges

After few unsuccessful attempts to make them flat by ironing, I finally decided to do the finishing of the edges manually and fix issue of "weaves". It was time consuming but it worked at the end. I got these coasters in decent shape!

December 16, 2014

Quick bags made on circular loom, great and easy made gift!

Some great ideas and quick projects can be made on round loom, and mostly my yungest daughter loves to create hats on them, but I also did few bags.
You can make some funny looking bags with just a little bit of imagination:

I made bags and hat is made by my daughter Mila with pompom that looks like a frog at the top