February 25, 2012

Fancy hand watch band

Wrist band for the old hand watch

Recycled material needed:

pieces of suede in different colors
small button


Roses and a band are cut before  the assembling.
At the end, attach a button for the wrist .

February 16, 2012

Ethnic Bags

Some interesting authentic bags I found around a town and more....

Felt crafted
Serbian national bag                                                        Pacific Northwest Native                                                        

                     Asian handwork
                                                                                           Pacific islands crafted bag from coconut

                                                                                                     Serbian hand woven wool bag

       Chinese silk bag with lucky coins                                                     Suede unusually crafted

February 04, 2012

Cartoon characters in my Birthday Cakes

Many cartoon and book characters were  inspiration for my cakes.
It depends what was popular in my kids life at that time

Here are some of them and for more go to my food blog http://zexxyswife.blogspot.ca/

Winnie the  Pooh


Cartman-South Park

Po from Teletubbies

You know him!

Sponge Bob

Sailor Moon

Animal birthday cake designs

Homage to some of my cake creations
See more on my other blog http://zexxyswife.blogspot.ca/