October 30, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Designs!

 Halloween pumpkin carving:
make it personal,
do it yourself!

Original image that lead to my own zombie template

It's Halloween and time for spooky costumes, pumpkins and other weird stuff.
Pumpkin lanterns are one of the traditions for this event and pumpkin carving can be real art.
The carving technique is that messy and fun activity for the whole family that you don't want to miss!
First you need to get some tools for carving. You can find them in Dollar and Craft Stores. The most important part is a little saw that cut trough the pumpkin. With that little tool you can create a masterpiece! 

Pumpkin carving from template to lantern

I came up this year with an idea to personalise pumpkins. Basically, to make yourself a zombie in carved in pumpkin lantern. Here is how:

Transfer image to translucent paper
Created image from the photo

Pick portrait that you like and make it look more spooky with the software that you have on computer (it can be Picasa etc..) Print out the image like I did on first photo for Gollum and put translucent paper over. Now draw the closed similar lines around a shape of eyes, nose etc.. Make a copy to the white paper and colour in one colour parts that will be cut out.

Create a template by drawing closed lines (coloured area must be cut out)
How to carve the pumpkin:
Cut a lid at the top of the pumpkin and take out a pulp and seeds completely so that inside of the pumpkin is truly clean(use spoon). Prepared image template transfer on the paper (use copy machine), put over the pumpkin and start cutting out parts with carving saw: indicated smaller parts of the image that you coloured with a different colour, like I did mine. When you're done, clean your pumpkin and put some candle light inside.

You have your masterpiece - personalised Halloween pumpkin!

More of the personalised templates


More ideas around a town!

Happy Halloween!!

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