November 29, 2012

Holiday Cards

If you're thinking about getting and sending them again this year, why not making them yourself this year?!
Little bit of effort to make Holiday Cards is fun and great present for anyone you care.

It's so easy to make that even child can do it.
If it's crafty of course, like mine...

You need some papers in different colours and some pompoms. Make sure that you have one size bigger envelopes if your pompoms are large like ours!

You can see more on Mila the Main's blog how to make it:

November 15, 2012

Weaving on the loom - My first project

My first project on a real weaving loom!

I have never weaved before and I wanted to try it for so long!
Finally, I got my first table loom last week.
So I went to library to get some weaving books and did some internet research and watched few videos. I started seriously learning over the weekend.
It was little complicated, I must say, if you don't have anyone to show you personally how to do it. The most important thing is to understand what and why you're doing some steps.
So after total disappointment that I can understand it, I decided to start anyhow with my own plan.

The principle of weaving and the most important point is to put your "net" of treads on the loom to began weaving.
Start weaving is the easiest part and a real art and imagination.

My counting didn't go well so instead of wide scarf I got a tiny one, but that's not a big deal, I liked it!