June 16, 2013

Woven bag - new loom family project

This weekend, me and my youngest daughter were testing my new four shaft loom. Thank to Hilary, who warped the loom and set it up for us already, the project was easy.
So the tester Mila was ready and produced quite interesting wool checker designed fabric. I thought it might be great to turn it into some easy and modern bag, by adding few leather parts over.
Check it out!

New four shaft loom tested by my daughter

Shafts created the pattern
  Four shaft loom gives you more options with designing patterns and shapes in your fabric.

After finishing weaving, I started turning it into a bag.

Process of creating something from treads is quite amazing!

And finally the bag is here, after attaching few pieces of green and beige leather to create height of bag. Small length of the woven fabric gave me two option : to cut the fabric and create two small bags or keep it as it is and because of the difficult size, try to enlengthen the bag with some leather. So it turned out this way:

One loom, and little imagination...Easy and fun family craft!

It's a long way for me to learn and experiment on this loom. It has much more options in creating patterns and designs on the woven fabric. There are some great books to learn all this as I already explored it last year when I got my first two shaft loom. This is huge improvement!
Getting to library!

I listed all the great books that helped me to learn some of the basic processes of weaving and working with looms. I also have in mind to create couple of new pages on this blog to help people with weaving and other crafting projects. At least some basic stuff!

June 04, 2013

How to make your own Dress form - "Dummy"

I am currently busy with discovering my new Serger sewing machine so all my crafting is on standby until I become confident enough to start sewing my bags etc onthe new machine. One bag is in already in my head, for too long now. Hopefully I'll be able to show it soon.
Meantime, I had in mind also other sewing and weaving and came up with a necessity of having my own Dress-form or how they call it usually Dummy (complimentary!). This is actually really great thing to have if you're making stuff for your or anyone else often, and it's so fun to make, not only for kids, believe me...
So I found more than few instructions on Internet, some of them vintage, some new.. Base is to wrap your torso with some sturdy tape, few times, that you later cut from the back, fill with stuffing and attach to some stand (optional). It's good to have some hard tape, that way "dummy" doesn't bend in.

Vintage way

Tape way: 

Updated Materials and Supplies:

In addition to the pallet wrap, plastic wrap or film,
String or elastic for waist
Permanent marking pen
Tape: masking or artist’s tape -what you have handy
Strapping tape (reinforced mailing tape) is helpful
A ruler

A wrapping buddy
T-shirt way:
1. Cut off the sleeves of your oversized t-shirt.

2. Put on your t-shirt.

3. Get somebody to start taping you up with the duct tape. You want the extra length to the t-shirt, not the extra width so feel free to cut away some of the excess t-shirt at the sides - or carefully fold it against your skin so it's trapped under the tape in an even and neat way.

4. Be careful not to tape too tight as you want to be able to breathe still! You want to tape from below the hips and right up to the neckline.

5. Once your body shape is all taped up get your friend to cut the t-shirt carefully off you at the back!

7. You can make a neck for your mannequin by taking a piece of fabric and stuffing it with stuffing or old fabric to make a ball. Place this ball up from the bottom of your mannequin into the neck hole and hold it there in place whilst your friend duct tapes over the top of it to attach it to the main body of your mannequin.

8. Next turn your mannequin shell upside down and begin stuffing it. You can use toy stuffing, old pillows, fabric scraps, old clothes. Be careful not to stretch the shape of your mannequin by over-stuffing and don't under-stuff! Try to get a good solid shape.

9. Once you're done with the stuffing then duct tape over the bottom of your mannequin to complete it.

10. Now you need to think about making a stand.