April 15, 2014

Latest loom work - Skirt and Men Scarf

I got busy last month, weaving shawl for my husband and a skirt for me.
Skirt still has to be assembled and completed, but shawl was done.

It was little bit difficult to make something for a man, with my female brain and fashion sense. I started first with choosing colors: dark and neutral. For warping dark blue mostly and some green and brown tones.
He liked it and I'm happy to do this hardest weaving job design up to now! And most precise, I'm proud.

My skirt is close to finish, weaving is done, it's the technique I am now brainstorming how to close it. It is a bit wider than I planned but I decided to go with it without cutting it.
Last night I finished a belt, not how I imagined, but it might fit, so it will be done finally this week.

Stay tuned for the skirt!