December 27, 2014

Hand woven coasters

From the recently finished hand woven fabric, I made these little coasters for my friends.
A little loop at the each coaster is for hanging and easy storage.

They all are differently designed, since I cut them out from one large piece that had variety of patterns used during process of weaving.

I got across the few problems to shape them into circles:
to maintain perfect circle,
to retain them flat, after machine zig-zag finishing edges

After few unsuccessful attempts to make them flat by ironing, I finally decided to do the finishing of the edges manually and fix issue of "weaves". It was time consuming but it worked at the end. I got these coasters in decent shape!

December 16, 2014

Quick bags made on circular loom, great and easy made gift!

Some great ideas and quick projects can be made on round loom, and mostly my yungest daughter loves to create hats on them, but I also did few bags.
You can make some funny looking bags with just a little bit of imagination:

I made bags and hat is made by my daughter Mila with pompom that looks like a frog at the top

December 12, 2014

New wool woven fabric

Me and my daughter weaving and fabric I did

It was a long term work, but I'm done now and ready for couple of projects: winter coat, dress, bags, poncho etc.. We'll see how many items I can make from approximately 5m of woven fabric I made in the last few months.

That's why I wasn't posting much, I was busy. It could have been done earlier, but I worked on it really relaxing this time. I am still in phase of brainstorming the coat since main reason I did this fabric is that I wanted to make some unique warm winter coat I can call mine.  No pattern again, but have some idea how I want it to look like. I got some books from the library to learn how to put lining and collars on the coat, how to make it more strong with some glued fabrics?!

I'll keep you updated how it develops. Dress first and then coat? Probably.
There is little variety woven in the fabric so I'll try to use that.