Beautiful and inspirational ethnic designs from authentic local markets and stores all over the world.

Similar to my passion for original and authentic culinary adventures, I want to share my admiration for these unique crafts and styles, and inspire some of you...

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From Provence

Provencal style is all about raw, natural and  pure Provence: lavender, peach, orange. Very creative, they stayed with their original simplicity and originality. Preserving is a motto of the people of Provence, in every way. It's so inspirational to go trough flee markets and village stores. They are so unique and different.

          Brigitte Bardot, still legend and everywhere!

                                                Cannes has some lively and dramatic buildings

Designer bag in ethno style- Cannes
                           Sardine can design!

                                           These are real sandals Tropeziene,cool and simple
                                          Mysterious Provencal churches hide many secrets of world

I'm not that old, but my baby stroller was similar as I remember!

These puppets are actually bread holders!

Village of Eze is a leader in window and doors decorating

 Hawaiian Crafts

I learned how to make Hawaiian jewelry!

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From Vancouver's Granville Island and Commercial Drive

Granville Island is Vancouver's great places to spend weekend, have a coffee or discover new craftsmen and art studios. Art and food lover's gem.
Commercial Drive is a city's cool place, with more Latin America's and Italian vibe..

These are all photos from local boutiques and stores

Hand made in Turkey exclusively for this local store on
Granville Island

South America's ethno style on Commercial Drive

Vancouver's Main Street finds

Charming Main Street always beets a battle with Commercial Drive for that "coolest place in town". For me there is a significant difference. Main Street is as a piece of art itself, because every store and every cafe is enthusiastic and burning with one idea to be unique, original and sophisticated. And is so successful in that! Commercial Drive has its laid back and  "comuna" feel on its own, and that energy is so unbeatable.

Japanese market - arts and crafts
(From Powell Street festival-Vancouver)

Felt toys

Who wouldn't like to have this cool lion!

Bags and Pottery


Triangular ethnic bags

Baby kimonos crafted by local Japanese designer

Chinese crafts on Streets of Vancouver for Chinese New Year

Chinese lucky coins can predict your future !

Hindu Festival - Vancouver